Say Bye To Hair Fall

Facing massive hair fall? Then you must try out these tips to stop hair fall naturally?

Cause Of Hair Fall And Baldness

Clean Scalp Important

First and foremost thing is to wash your hair twice a week. Regular washing will keep your scalp healthy and clean.

Choose Oil Wisely

Massage your hair twice a week with pure almond oil mixed with castor oil. It will lower your hair fall and promote growth

Don’t share your stuff

Avoid using someone else’s hair brushes or combs. Also disinfect your hair tools with disinfectant regularly.

Go Easy With Your Hair

Don’t go for tight braids, ponytails or other hairdos. It may pull your hair from the root and causes hair fall.

Avoid Use Of Chemicals

Although treatments like smoothening, keratin therapy, hair color etc. Gives temporarily smoothening effects, the fact remains that they contain chemicals.

Raw Foods

For a healthy and shiny mane, add foods containing foliate, iron and vitamin A and C to your diet. Some such foods are carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, celery, spinach etc.

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