Can drinking water  really reduce weight, know the truth behind it

It is believed that there are many benefits of drinking water, such as weight loss, rapid burning of belly fat, clear skin,etc

If you also believe that weight can be reduced by drinking more water, then let us tell you that this is just a myth.

According to a survey, if you drink 500 ml of water before exercising, you can burn 24 percent more calories than this.

But this effect will last only for an hour. After this, if you ear even a quarter of the biscuit, then your weight will be the same as before.

At the same time, some people believe that if you fill your stomach with water before eating food , then you feel less hungry and you eat less.

Water can fill your stomach but only for a short time, because water is liquid and it gets digested very quickly. So it will not make any difference to your weight.

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